Member Benefits

"The Samaritan Alliance exists to identify and develop various products, services and educational programs that allow its members to be more efficient and effective in today and tomorrow's health care."
-Art Moynihan, Founding President, 1998-2018




Cost Savings

Cost Containment

We have member-driven programs and agreements to help control costs within your organization. Through our affiliates, the Samaritan Alliance offers our members access to hundreds of local and national purchasing solutions as well as competitive contracting, direct rebates and multiple incentives.

Members enjoy competitive invoice pricing and additional rebates and discounts as part of their membership package. We cross-reference each supplier agreement to ensure that our members receive the largest variety, discounts and most competitive pricing.


Compare Pricing

Samaritan Alliance, LLC contract portfolio includes highly competitive contracts that have been negotiated and decided upon by facility owners and administrators. Task Forces made up of our founding board members and members analyze offerings, satisfaction, quality and service from key suppliers and ultimately choose vendor partners whom they feel will best serve our Samaritan Alliance members.

The Samaritan Alliance has multiple Task Forces that monitor the product and service quality of each of our key suppliers, or "Core Four" as they are called.

These task forces include:

The Samaritan Alliance and task forces monitor:

Samaritan Alliance members allow only the best to provide services in their buildings.


Samaritan Alliance Gives Back

Aggressive member rebates are available to members subject to Board review and approval. Meet with your Samaritan Alliance Representative for specific details.


Education Discounts

Our members enjoy extra discounts at state association events, as well as specialized continuing education designed for members only. Conference events provided by the following organizations:

Look for the "Samaritan Alliance Discount" on any sign-up form for these organizations.

Continuing Education

The Samaritan Alliance offers continuing education programs with topics chosen by our members. We are affiliated with key service providers and industry experts to offer specialized continuing education on LTC related topics such as: regulatory and industry updates, reimbursement, Medicare training, new product and service offerings. Various other workshops are held throughout the year via webinar and on-site education.

Click here to view the upcoming educational programs.

Community Network


The Samaritan Alliance offers its members an extensive network of resources and convenient communication. Mass e-communication allows for members to talk and network with other members in similar departments companywide to ask questions, address common concerns, etc.