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"The Samaritan Alliance exists to identify and develop various products, services and educational programs that allow its members to be more efficient and effective in today and tomorrow's health care."
-Art Moynihan, Founding President, 1998-2018


Frequently Asked Questions


Skilled Nursing Facility Value-Based Purchasing Toolkit

The Samaritan Alliance, along with it’s partners, has prepared a Value-Based Purchasing Toolkit concerning the 9 Quality Measures each facility will be critiqued on. This Toolkit features programs, protocols and best practices suggested by our vendors.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should my facility be part of a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

Suppliers of goods and services require two things in order to offer optimal pricing and services to customers: Volume and Commitment. The ultimate role and goal of a GPO is to combine sound agreements from suppliers with the volume and commitment from their members to create "win-win" relationships for both parties to the transaction.

Should my facility be a member of multiple Group Purchasing Organizations?

Generally, we would say no, "pick a partner, and dance". However, with our affiliation you have the opportunity to have the best, hand-picked provider agreements. Samaritan Alliance, LLC is one of many GPO's that are available to you and hoping to be your solution for purchasing. We view our competition as being competent and as hard working as we are to gain your support. That being said, and we believe our competitors would agree, being a committed member of one GPO is better than attempting to spread your membership through several as this waters down your commitment and rebate incentives to any one GPO partner. The Samaritan Alliance provides that single channel to help you maximize your savings, rebates and incentives.

I have a chain of facilities, do I need a GPO?

That is dependent upon the overall volume of your collective facilities and your preference and resources available towards self-negotiations. More volume yields higher returns. We can anticipate by working with a GPO you will yield a better result. The Samaritan Alliance asks for member participation and input and/or service on a task force to choose and negotiate supplier agreements, etc. so that your efforts as part of a group may be more efficient than self-negotiation.

Why should I consider Samaritan Alliance, LLC for my GPO?

We believe that unique features of Samaritan Alliance, LLC is our commitment to serve only senior living facilities. When we combine our strength with good full-service GPOs who service a multitude of entities (hospitals, physicians, LTC, Surgery Centers, etc.) we believe we have created a strong offering for the use and benefit of our members.

Do I have to be a non-for-profit community to join the Samaritan Alliance, LLC?

No. The Samaritan Alliance, LLC accepts membership from both for profit and non-for-profit senior living communities including: CCRC communities, long term care, licensed and unlicensed assisted living and independent living and hospital extended care units.

What does it cost to join Samaritan Alliance, LLC?

We do not charge dues to our members. We do ask for, and must require reasonable and necessary business volume and commitment to participate with us. GPO's are paid Administrative Fees by suppliers, typically based on the Volume and Commitment the GPO is bringing to the supplier. We have been very fortunate and work diligently to keep our operating costs reasonable so that we are in a position to share these discounts with our committed members.

What are the guiding principles of Samaritan Alliance, LLC?

Mission and Core Values: The company exits to identify and develop various products, services and educational programs that allow members to be more efficient and efficient with the core values:

Collaboration: As autonomous organizations, we work to make our services more efficient and affordable by coming together in collaboration.

Prudent and Ethical Practices: We believe in the highest ethics as we fulfill our roles as care giving organizations for older adults. We also believe in competent and deliberate decision-making. We will be open to change and promote honest peer interaction, support, trust and fellowship.

How do I learn more about Samaritan Alliance, LLC?

Fill out the member inquiry form on our website, send an email to or call us at 866-808-0256.